Process Engineer – Solids and Slurries

Location: Tappan, NY
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $90,000.00 - $555,555.00
Degree: Bachelor of Science;
Date: 7/13/2018
Job ID: 02600307
Job Description
“Engineering Associate” focused on Process devlopment and  Project Engineer – Solids and Slurries
Location:  Rockland County NY

Our client is seeking to hire one more Engineer to help with taking this Process Development and Design effort to the finish line!   This seem like great opportunities to make a huge impact with zero “corporate red tape”. I’ve been placing talent with this company since 2012 and have noticed very quick progress through various process development steps and yet, you’ll still be getting in near the ground floor in this well-funded startup company. 
They have been working to develop a novel “green” process for the manufacture of plastics.  This Engineer will focus on the processing and decontamination of the biomass feedstocks.  Your success in this position is a key step in the overall company’s success. They have demonstrated the reactive process though pilot plant testing and have demonstrated this feedstock processing step in a batch operation.  They are now working to fine tune and bring everything together.  This is a key hire for the team that is specifically working on the initial steps of the process - Feedstock Preparation.   We are searching for an Engineer with diverse skills in Process and Project Engineering who is familiar with techniques in solids processing and slurry handling.

The company**
  • A highly collaborative professionally run organization with stated company values like “honesty and integrity”, and world renowned business partners who provide additional R&D support and process design assistance.
  • They are funded by large well-known companies who are interested in the final product.  For example, an investor might be interested in a “green” source of plastic for making beverage bottles.  It seems that renewed funding is attainable via a stage-gate-like progress analysis. 
Features and Benefits:
  • Expect a competitive salary plus stock options along with a nice benefits package plus annual employee reviews with raises retroactive to the 1st of the year.They make good salary offers.
  • As a small-company, the work culture is hands-on, business like but casual!As a ground-floor opportunity, all employees have a vested interest in the success and there is no corporate red tape.
  • You’ll be working in partnership with some highly accomplished experts in Process Development and can expect a great atmosphere for fast tracked results.Plus, you’ll gain highly valuable contacts for future networking.
  • Location & Cost of Living is potentially lower than might be expected (COL *103 +):  HQ in suburban Rockland County NY with various types of areas to live in Rockland Country,  with  a low crime rate and several “Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence” and a lower than expected COL(120).   -OR-   Easy commute from Orange Country NY which is less congested and has a lower COL (103).  -OR-   For fun, live in NYC, but COL (180) is high, as expected.  (By definition the Nat’l Average COL is 100.
Note:  We can discuss the unpublished salary range.  Recruiters see the recruiter to recruiter comments:

The work:  
The Engineering Associate will focus on developing, testing, and scaling-up a continuous process to remove metal contaminants from biomass feedstock.  The feasibility of the metal reduction process has been reproducible at ton-scale, and it is now time to scale up the process to meet commercial and economic targets.   The Engineering Associate is a key contributing in this effort and will work in all areas of scale-up, process design, and commercial plant design.     There is a  private investors highly motivated to build the first commercial plant as soon as possible, providing a unique opportunity for the right individual to play a central role in the conception, development, and commercialization of new biomass preparation technology.  This position reports to the Chief Engineer – Biomass Processing.
  • Conceive of optional system for continuous solids processing and make quantitative comparisons of each one including estimates of energy, water use, and capital costs.
  • Identify and investigate process equipment options; Write equipment specifications and interface with vendors to fully understand equipment options, and other issues which impact purchase and use of the equipment
  • Pilot Plant and Vendor Testing:  Participate in pilot plant studies for data acquisition needed for designing the first commercial plant; assist in vendor or 3rd party testing.
  • Process Engineering:  Use the pilot plant data to help create a basic engineering package for a commercial-scale process, work with process simulation software in this effort.  (Simulating the solids processing steps, not the petrochemical reactive steps.)
  • Project Engineering:  In the future, provide assistance for the first commercial plant design, construction, and operation.
  • Commercial Process Design: In support of process licensing effort, write design bases for unit operations to incorporate into a comprehensive system design
Background Profile Requirements:
The Engineering Associate will be someone who has some experience with solids and slurry handling, spray processes, industrial washers, dewatering and drying processes, and conveyor systems.  In addition, this position requires a high degree of creativity and problem solving, with some economic modeling know-how to identify potential process options. 
  • B.S. or M.S. Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related
  • 8 + years of industrial experience including project with an emphasis in solids- liquid systems perhaps from pulp mills, iron ore handling, food processing, or catalyst manufacturing
  • Knowledge of process design, slurry processes, solids processing, dewatering and filtration, spray washing, and conveyor systems
  • Proficiency with Aspen or similar process simulation modeling
  • Strong and creative problem solving skills; Experience with patented innovations is preferred but not required.
  • Comfort working in an entrepreneurial, fast paced, team oriented small company environment is necessary.
  • Authorized to work for any employer in the USA without restrictions
** I’m happy to tell you who they are once I see a resume draft and know something about your background.  We’ll talk BEFORE I forward your resume.  I will also send you more specific details about the pilot plant successes to date and the information that I have about where employees live. (By definition the Nat’l Average COL is 100 and I use to get statistics per community)
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